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Our Favorite Local Roasters in Brooklyn

Our Favorite Local Roasters in Brooklyn

Superior Borough Coffee

Superior Borough Coffee is a popular coffee shop located in the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn. The shop is known for its locally roasted beans and inviting atmosphere. Every morning, customers eagerly await the rich aromas of freshly brewed coffee emanating from the shop.

Superior Borough Coffee sources high-quality coffee beans from small batch roasters around the world. They carefully roast each batch to perfection, emphasizing subtle notes like chocolate or citrus. Their roast profiles bring out the complex flavors in each variety. Stopping by the shop daily, patrons enjoy discussing the nuanced tasting notes of that morning's featured brew.

The cafe features sleek mid-century modern furnishings and natural lighting that enhance the coffee drinking experience. Rectangular wooden tables and leather chairs provide comfortable seating where customers can linger for hours working or socializing. Nearby, an open layout kitchen allows patrons to observe the barristas brewing pots of coffee using the pour-over method. Their motivated staff aims to craft exceptionally balanced cups with clarity and acidity. Overall, the welcoming environment and outstanding coffee make Superior Borough Coffee a neighborhood favorite.

Cafe Grumpy

Another excellent local roaster is Cafe Grumpy, located in the Carroll Gardens area of Brooklyn. Since opening over a decade ago, Cafe Grumpy has grown into a multi-location operation known for their specialty coffee program. Inside the original cozy cafe, the rich aroma of beans permeates the air.

Cafe Grumpy operates their own in-house roastery where skilled roasters craft unique profiles for each coffee varietal. They source high-quality beans from select growers worldwide, with a focus on sustainable farming practices. Through experimentation, the roasters have dialed in recipes that draw out the subtle complexities in cups. Their single origin coffees offer drinkers an exploration of global flavors.

In addition to whole bean sales, Cafe Grumpy serves expertly prepared brewed coffee, espresso drinks, and specialty pourovers. Their highly trained baristas dial in the optimal grind size, water temperature, and brew ratios to achieve a balanced extraction. With attention to even the finest details, customers consistently enjoy nuanced and complex cups showcasing each bean's peak characteristics. Those seeking the ideal afternoon pick-me-up flock to Cafe Grumpy for flawlessly executed caffeinated beverages.

| Roaster | Location | Specialties |
| Superior Borough Coffee | Williamsburg, Brooklyn | Specialty pour-over brews from small-batch beans |
| Cafe Grumpy | Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn | In-house roastery crafting distinctive single origins |

Oslo Coffee Shop

Situated in the upcoming neighborhood of Bushwick, Oslo Coffee Shop brings a modern Scandinavian cafe concept to Brooklyn. Inspired by the "coffee culture" of Norway, the owners aimed to create a third space embracing community and quality coffee. Upon entering, patrons are greeted by warm wood accents and natural lighting that contribute to Oslo's inviting atmosphere.

Drawing from top growing regions worldwide, Oslo's in-house roastmasters craft distinctive profiles for single origin and blended coffees. Their light and medium roasts elegantly highlight subtle flavors within each lot. In addition to coffee, Oslo offers a selection of bakery items and savory snacks sourced from local vendors. Customers seeking a morning pick-me-up or afternoon fuel stop frequent Oslo daily.

Coffee is prepared using top-tier brew methods from V60 pour-overs to AeroPress and Chemex. The knowledgable baristas dial in precise recipes to coax out each coffee's nuanced characteristics. Those working provide ample power outlets and free wifi, creating an ideal third space. Overall, Oslo Coffee Shop brings a refined coffee culture experience to Bushwick with their Scandinavian-inspired concept and focus on specialty coffee excellence.

Parlor Coffee

Rounding out our list of favorite local roasters is Parlor Coffee, located in historic Cobble Hill. Since 2005, Parlor Coffee has played an integral role in Brooklyn's specialty coffee community as a cafe, roastery and training center. Their airy industrial space occupies a corner building with large windows perfect for people watching.

As a pioneer in specialty coffee, Parlor Coffee helped shape today's third wave movement. Their in-house roastery crafts distinctive profiles using small lots from farms implementing sustainable practices. Whole bean coffee, brewed coffee and espresso drinks showcase profiles ranging from bright African styles to lively Central and South American lots.

In addition to beverages, Parlor offers a robust cafe menu including breakfast sandwiches, salads and pastries from the on-site bakery. Customers find the inviting space ideal for casual work meetings or lingering with a novel. Committed to education, Parlor also runs barista certifications and classes to train the next generation. Overall, their dedicated farming partnerships and role in developing today's third wave culture make Parlor Coffee an iconic Brooklyn roaster.

In conclusion, these local roasters exemplify Brooklyn's vibrant specialty coffee community. Through sourcing excellence, nuanced roast profiles and expert preparation, each brings out the pinnacle flavors in globally sourced lots. Whether seeking the cozy atmosphere of a neighborhood cafe or spot with larger communal space, these top local roasters have perfect specialty coffee options to fuel your day.

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