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Begin with Brewed Delight

Elevate your mornings with a cup of Georgia’s finest, rich in flavor and tradition. Experience the essence of coffee craftsmanship in every sip.

Elixir of Energy


A Taste of Tradition

Our story began in Brooklyn, where we introduced the rich tapestry of Georgian culinary delights to New York's vibrant food scene.


Authentic Selection

We handpicked the finest beans, infusing each cup with the soul of Georgian coffee culture for a truly authentic experience.


Community's Choice

Our café earned the title of neighborhood gem, where every visit is a warm encounter with Georgia's legendary hospitality.


Culinary Landmark

Spreading the essence of Georgian cuisine, our family has grown to 18 locations, each echoing the spirit of our original home on 3rd Ave.

About Our Craft


Savor the World in Every Cup

Journey through a world of flavors with our selection of coffees, each one roasted to highlight the unique characteristics of its origin. Indulge in a tapestry of tastes that celebrate the rich coffee culture from various corners of the globe.

In maintaining our high standards, we rely on top-quality equipment for our café’s daily operations, sourced from trusted suppliers like Mammoth Hire, ensuring every cup of coffee we serve is crafted to perfection.

Exceptional Brews, Universal Delight

Exceptional Brews, Universal Delight

Anthony Perry

Founder & Coffee Connoisseur

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Coffee Aficionados Served

Curated Blends

Select Beans for Every Palate

coffee BEANS

robusta coffee beans

Experience the robust intensity of our Robusta coffee beans, cherished for their bold flavor and smooth, chocolaty finish. Perfect for those who appreciate a vigorous start to their day.

arabica coffee beans

Delight in the subtle notes and soft aromas of our Arabica beans, sourced for their superior quality and mild, nuanced profiles. A favorite among connoisseurs.

green coffee beans

Discover the raw beauty of our Green coffee beans, unroasted for a fresh, vibrant taste that offers a unique twist to your coffee routine.

liberica coffee beans

Explore the rare indulgence of Liberica beans, with their distinct floral aroma and fruity flavors, for a coffee experience that's truly out of the ordinary.

balinese Green Coffee

$ 10.50

From the volcanic soils of Bali, a refreshing coffee with a gentle, herbaceous character and a clean finish.

Chestnut Espresso

$ 12.55

A rich, nutty espresso with deep flavors of roasted chestnuts, perfect for those crisp mornings.


$ 11.73

With notes of chocolate and citrus, this coffee captures the vibrant essence of Guatemalan highlands.


$ 14.05

A cold delight, blended to create the perfect frothy treat.

hot indian coffee

$ 15.52

Spiced and invigorating, bringing the flavors of India to your cup.

Irish Moccaccino

$ 13.42

A sweet and creamy concoction with a hint of Irish charm.

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8309 3rd Ave, Brooklyn , New York

A day without our coffee is like a canvas without paint. It just feels incomplete.

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What They Say

Their coffee is the perfect blend of culture and craft. It's an experience I recommend to all.

Giorgi Makharadze
Giorgi Makharadze


Every sip tells a story. This is not just coffee; it's a journey in a cup.

Sophia Melnikova
Sophia Melnikova

Coffee Enthusiast

In their brew, I find the inspiration for my next story. It's a place where creativity is sparked over a cup of excellence.

Luka Tsereteli
Luka Tsereteli

Freelance Writer

I've tasted coffee all around the globe, and this is the place where every cup is an adventure - familiar yet surprising.

Nina Kavtaradze
Nina Kavtaradze

World Traveler

From Bean to Cup

Our Coffee Journey

Our commitment to quality is unwavering, from hand-selecting the finest beans to the precise art of roasting. Follow each step of our beans’ journey, where care and craftsmanship bring the richest flavors to your cup.


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8309 3rd Ave, Brooklyn , New York


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