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How Lazica Coffee Connects Georgias Past and Present

How Lazica Coffee Connects Georgias Past and PresentLazica Coffee Connects Georgias Past and Present" />

The Coffee Craze of Lazica

Lazica coffee first emerged during the late 800s AD in the historic region of Lazica, located in what is today Georgia. As traders from the Arabian peninsula introduced coffee to local Lazic tribes, the energizing beverage quickly spread throughout the mountainous areas. Within a century, coffee had become an integral part of Lazican culture and landscape. Traveling merchants from other kingdoms observed the thriving coffee trade when passing through Lazica's lush valleys and coastal lowlands. While wine remained the favored drink of nobility, common people in villages and along caravan routes instead turned to coffee for their daily stimulation and pleasure.

The mild, semi-arid climate of central Lazica proved ideal for cultivating Coffea arabica trees. Skilled farmers developed techniques to nourish the crops through the region's cool, rainy winters and hot summers. They established family-run plantations on hillsides and plateaus, carefully pruning branches to maximize yields each harvest season. Coffee beans dried in the sun then roasted over charcoal fires, filling homes with an aromatic scent. Villagers ground roasted beans between stone mills and steeped the grounds in boiling water to make a traditional brew called ckhvi. Drinking ckhvi became a daily ritual that strengthened social bonds within communities.

Rediscovering Lazica's Coffee Heritage

Centuries later after the collapse of ancient Lazica, its coffee-growing heritage had faded from modern memory. But in recent years, a resurgence has emerged to reconnect Georgians with their rich coffee history. Entrepreneurs and specialty roasters have sought out heirloom coffee varieties descended from original Lazican strains. One such revival effort originated at the Geocuisine Bayridge cafe and roastery located in the capital city of Tbilisi. Founders Nino Burchuladze and Sopo Velijanashvili recognized an opportunity to rediscover Lazica's lost coffees and in the process, foster a greater sense of cultural pride among Georgians.

Through extensive research partnerships with agricultural universities and the Georgian National Museum, Nino and Sopo uncovered rare historical accounts and seed specimens offering clues about ancestral coffee varieties. They located aging coffee trees still productive on isolated farming properties in the Samegrelo region near Lazica's original borders. Careful analysis revealed genetic links between these coastal growers' crops and coffee strains documented in 900s AD Lazica. Nino and Sopo worked closely with the farmers to protect genetics of the heirloom varieties, establishing conservation orchards for propagating new seedlings.

At their Geocuisine roastery and cafe, Nino and Sopo experiment vigorously with specialty production techniques to highlight the nuanced flavors inherent in Lazica's coffees. Slow roasting profiles draw out complex notes of berries, cocoa and floral aromas their guests have never before experienced in Georgian coffee. By reviving these coffees through selective breeding and meticulous roast methods, Nino and Sopo believe they have reignited Lazica's coffee heritage in a way that celebrates both Georgia's past and present.

Tasting the Distinctiveness of Lazica Coffees

Visiting the tasting bar at Geocuisine Bayridge cafe, guests immediately notice subtle differences between the heirloom Lazican strains and more commercial coffee varieties. In a side-by-side tasting, the Khevsuruli coffee stands out with sweet blueberry and sour cherry flavors accompanied by floral jasmine and rose undertones. Its fruity acidity gives way to a clean, wine-like finish on the palate. Megreli coffee presents robust cocoa and nuttiness with hints of cardamom and vanilla providing depth and complexity. But among aficionados, the favorite appears to be the Kartvelian reserve - a limited-harvest varietal grown high in the Samegrelo mountains whose layers of flavor seem to unfold endlessly, transporting tasters back to Lazica's legendary coffee fields with each delicate sip.

While appealing greatly to specialty coffee connoisseurs, Nino insists Geocuisine's heirloom Lazican coffees hold "deep significance beyond taste alone." By sharing these rare living links to Georgia's past through the universal language of coffee, she feels their revival effort has brought renewed cultural vitality to the nation. Many guests from abroad come to understand how coffee has long sustained Georgian communities both socially and economically for over a millennium. Even simple acts like tasting coffee at Geocuisine Bayridge cafe strengthen connections between peoples while also preserving bits of Lazica's enduring legacy for future generations to experience and appreciate.


Lazican Coffee Varietal Distinct Flavor Notes
Khevsuruli Blueberry, Cherry, Floral
Megreli Cocoa, Nuttiness, Spices
Kartvelian Reserve Layers of Flavor Evolving Over Time


In conclusion, Lazica coffee truly connects Georgia's rich past with its burgeoning present. By reviving ancestral coffee varieties through diligent research, conservation practices and artisanal roasting, Geocuisine Bayridge cafe plays an invaluable role in reintroducing Lazica's coffee heritage to Georgians and international visitors alike. Through innovative growing techniques, careful selection of heirloom genetics and meticulous attention to specialty production methods, Nino and Sopo have reignited appreciation for how coffee has historically sustained Georgian culture and livelihoods. Most of all, by sharing these coffees and their storied past through the warm hospitality of their roastery and cafe, Nino and Sopo have reignited bonds between peoples that transcend barriers of time and distance. Their efforts ensure Lazica's coffee legacy lives on for future generations around the world to jointly experience and celebrate.

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