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Beans, Biscuits, and Coffee Cakes: A Georgian Cafe Tradition

Beans, Biscuits, and Coffee Cakes: A Georgian Cafe Tradition

The caffeinated cuisine at GeoCuisine, a cafe nestled in the heart of Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, faithfully upholds the treasured culinary customs and cooking styles of coastal Georgia. Stepping into the warm, wood-paneled interior decorated with cherished family photographs and delicate spoon collection, patrons are immediately transported to the soulful south. Mouthwatering scents of buttery biscuits, aromatic dark roast coffee, and sweetly spiced desserts permeate the welcoming space.

owners Sarah and Jake Howell proudly serve their community hearty, homestyle fare true to their southern roots. Originally from the quaint town of Thomasville, the couple brought their beloved recipes and memories north after graduating from the University of Georgia. Drawing from their Georgia granny's well-worn notebooks and treasure trove of family traditions, Sarah strives to lovingly prepare each dish exactly as instructed.

A Hearty Breakfast Tradition

Nobody does breakfast quite like the Peach State, and the morning meal at GeoCuisine is no exception. Flaky, tender biscuits act as the perfect carrier for thick country ham, decadent sawmill gravy, and a perfectly poached egg. Sarah starts each morning before dawn to lovingly mix, knead, and shape these buttery crowning jewels. Inspired by her grandmamma's technique, Sarah folds a touch of butter into the dough repeatedly, resulting in irresistibly flaky layers. The warm, puffy rounds are offered alongside a vibrant seasonal jam or honey from a local apiary.

Another signature offering is the Georgia Fried Chicken and Waffles. Sarah hand breads plump chicken thighs according to her grandmother's poultry processing method, achieved through a meticulous dusting in seasoned flour and an egg wash. The crispy morsels are paired with Belgium-style waffles dotted with browned bits of sugar and cinnamon. Together, the savory-sweet combination satisfies the heartiest of appetites and signals the start of a new day.

True to their southern hospitality, Sarah and Jake ensure all feel welcomed with a hot cup of bold coffee or tea. While most establishments save premium roasts for evening service, the couple brings out their small-batch Empire State dark roast brewed in a gleaming Chemex from the start of morning service. A variety of creamers and sweeteners allow patrons to customize their morning pick-me-up to taste.

A Selection of Sandwiches and Salads for Lunch

At midday, lunch crowds flock to GeoCuisine for hearty sandwiches and fresh salads. A customer favorite is "The Farmer," a sturdy hoagie overflowing with sliced country ham, heirloom tomatoes, baby arugula and a schmear of peppery aioli. Sarah selects only artisan breads from local bakeries, like this whole grain focaccia she sources from a favorite in Red Hook, Brooklyn. The thick slices stand tall under layers of filling.

Those craving lighter fare appreciate the Georgia Cobb salad. Sarah assembles a bounty of seasonal veggies, including tomatoes, cucumbers, hard cooked eggs and crumbles of feta cheese. Tender chicken breast, marinated in buttermilk and fried to a crisp, complements the rainbow arrangement. A signature creamy chive ranch dressing lightly coats each forkful for balanced flavor. Both veggie and chicken salad sandwiches satisfy the noontime hunger while still feeling wholesome.

No southern-style cafe would be complete without pimento cheese. Sarah whips her version daily using finely shredded Tillamook sharp cheddar cheese, mayonnaise, paprika, and a generous helping of roasted red pepper puree for vibrant color and subtle zing. The blend is spread thickly between slices of soft wheat bread or crackers for the perfect handheld snack. GeoCuisine's take on the traditional spread earns rave reviews from loyal patrons.

Coffee Cakes and Layered Fruit Cobblers

As the sun sets over Bay Ridge, GeoCuisine transitions into its evening hours with a signature baked goods display. Here, confections meant to satisfy a Southern sweet tooth take center stage. Sarah bakes classics like her grandmother's Prize-Winning Coffee Cake daily, knowing it will not last past the dinner rush. The tender crumb is infused with brown sugar and cinnamon, swirled with a creamy cream cheese glaze. Each moist wedge is topped with a crunchy streusel comprising oats, brown sugar, and walnuts.

Seasonal fruit cobblers, like peach or blueberry, earn equal praise. Sarah layers ripe fruit in an oblong baking dish, dotting the surface with butter. A rich, flaky biscuit-style dough is dropped over the top and brushed with a buttermilk wash before baking to a golden brown. Ice cream or whipped cream crowns each generous wedge, allowing the warm fruit filling and biscuit to sing in each indulgent bite. Patrons eagerly await these favorite desserts daily.

Offering a taste of home through traditional recipes, GeoCuisine transports visitors to the lush coastal regions and farms of Georgia with each bite. Sarah and Jake infuse their cafeteria with Southern hospitality, ensuring all feel welcome whether regular or newcomer. Their commitment to sustaining treasured family traditions through simple, hearty fare makes this neighborhood gem a local favorite week after week.

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