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How Our Baristas Brew the Perfect Cup

How Our Baristas Brew the Perfect Cup

Our baristas take great pride in crafting the perfect cup of coffee for every customer who walks through our doors. As a company focused on customer service and quality, we go to great lengths to ensure consistency and excellence in every drink we serve. Here's an inside look at our brewing process and commitment to the perfect cup!

Selecting the Finest Beans

We start with only the finest coffee beans sourced directly from farms around the world. I have relationships with coffee growers in places like Colombia, Guatemala, and Sumatra so I can hand-select beans with the most robust, complex flavors. This attention to sourcing is key - the bean quality sets the foundation. I sample roasts and carefully cup the coffees to determine optimal roast levels that accentuate each coffee's inherent flavors and aromas. These fresh, high-quality beans are what make our excellent drinks possible.

Precision Grinding

Once the beans arrive at our shop, we use top-of-the-line commercial grinders to grind beans to the optimal consistency for each brew method. For instance, our espresso requires an ultra-fine, powdery grind while coffee brewed in a French press calls for a much coarser grind. Our baristas are extensively trained on using the grinders and dialing in the grind size. We adjust the grind throughout the day as needed to account for factors like humidity that affect the bean texture. Meticulous grinding helps unlock the beans' full flavor.

Water Quality

Most people don't realize that the water is just as important as the beans when brewing coffee. We utilize a high-end water filtration system that removes chlorine and minerals, resulting in a clean, neutral tasting water profile. This allows the inherent flavors of our coffee beans to shine through. Our baristas taste the coffee brewed with our filtered water daily to ensure there are no unwanted flavors. Pure, clean water allows the coffee's complexity to sparkle.

Precision Brewing Parameters

Our baristas use precise time, temperature, and brewing proportions catered to each coffee and brew method. For example, with a Chemex we use a specific coffee-to-water ratio and ensure the filtered water stays between 195°F and 205°F. Espresso shots are pulled using exactly 9 bars of pressure for a targeted shot time. We record these parameters and adjust as needed to optimize the brewing process. Our baristas are constantly calibrating equipment and validating their work through sensory testing. This brewing science produces consistent drinks every time.

A Focus on Customer Service

Brewing great coffee is important, but it must be accompanied by genuine customer service to deliver a positive experience. Our baristas engage with customers to explain our brewing process and coffee offerings. We get to know regulars and their preferences. Our philosophy is that a superb drink served by a friendly, welcoming barista is integral to creating the perfect cup. We love being a part of each customer's day and aim to ensure their experience is as memorable as the coffee itself.

So next time you visit us, know that each cup involves careful bean selection, grinding, brewing, and service with the customer's enjoyment in mind. This commitment to our craft results in the perfect cup every time!

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