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A Journey Through Western Georgias Coffee Country

A Journey Through Western Georgias Coffee Country

Exploring the Coffee Region of Southwest Georgia

The rolling hills of southwest Georgia are home to a burgeoning coffee region that is drawing interest from coffee lovers across the state and beyond. As a coffee enthusiast living in Atlanta, I decided to take a weekend trip to explore the coffee farms and cafes that are putting Western Georgia on the map for specialty coffee production.

My journey began on a sunny Saturday morning as I hit the road for my first stop at the Hill Coffee farm located just outside of Thomasville. As I drove southwest on highway 84 and glimpsed the agricultural fields dotting the countryside, I knew I was entering a region devoted to crop cultivation and food production.

When I arrived at Hill Coffee, owner John Hill greeted me warmly and offered a tour of his 20-acre farm. John explained the unique climate and soil conditions in Thomasville that create an ideal environment for growing high quality coffee beans. As we walked the shaded rows of Hill’s organic coffee trees, I appreciated the care and expertise needed to produce premium coffee.

Discovering the Coffee Culture in Thomasville

After my tour, I headed into the charming downtown area of Thomasville to experience the local coffee culture. The streets were lined with historic buildings housing cafes, restaurants and shops with a cozy, inviting vibe.

I stopped for lunch at the Thomasville Grind House, a cafe known for its use of local coffees and teas. I ordered an iced mocha latte featuring Hill Coffee beans along with a chicken salad sandwich. The rich espresso paired perfectly with the smooth, mellow flavors of the cold brew. It was a refreshing recharge before an afternoon of further coffee explorations.

Later, I spoke with the barista, Jane, about the growth of regional coffee culture. She told me small batch roasters like Hill Coffee allowed them to brew and serve truly fresh, seasonal coffee. Jane explained that customers enthusiastically support local coffees as a way to boost the regional agricultural economy.

Discovering More Regional Roasters and Cafes

After my stop in Thomasville, I headed just south to visit two more regional roasters putting southwest Georgia on the specialty coffee map.

In Metcalf, Georgia I toured the Georgia Grinders coffee roastery, run by an expert team of passionate coffee professionals. Their small-batch roasted beans ranged from citrusy Ethiopian naturals to chocolatey Brazilian blends.

I finished my coffee tour in downtown Cairo, Georgia by relaxing at the Cairo Cove coffee house. Their pour-over coffees highlighted fresh-crop peaberry beans from local producers. The relaxing cafe had a quirky, artsy vibe that reflected the creative energy of the local community.

Reflecting on an Amazing Coffee Journey

As I drove back to Atlanta with bags of fresh roasted coffee beans, I reflected on the amazing coffee community I discovered in southwest Georgia. The dedication and innovation of local farmers and roasters is putting this region on the map for high quality coffee production. I’m already looking forward to planning my next visit to explore more of the captivating coffee culture being brewed in western Georgia’s coffee country. Be sure to check out the Hill Coffee homepage to order beans from my favorite regional roaster!

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