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Taste Testing This Seasons New Coffee Roasts

Taste Testing This Seasons New Coffee Roasts


The beginning of a new year brings the release of exciting new coffee roasts from my favorite roasters. As a passionate coffee enthusiast, I look forward to taste testing all the latest offerings and finding new favorite brews. This year, I was eager to try out and review some of the most anticipated seasonal roasts.

Sampling a Range of Roasts

I ordered a variety of single origin and blended roasts to sample. Here is a list of the new coffees I taste tested:

  • La Minita Tarrazu, Costa Rica – A medium roast, single origin coffee grown at high elevations in the Tarrazu region of Costa Rica. Notes of milk chocolate, honey, and apple.
  • Blue Jaguar, Guatemala – A light roast, single origin Guatemalan coffee. Tastes of lemon, jasmine, and stone fruit. Grown by female coffee producers.
  • Big Lifter Blend – A blended medium-dark roast mix of beans from Brazil, Indonesia, and Ethiopia. Deep, earthy flavors of cocoa and brown sugar.
  • Sunrise Blend – A bright, balanced blend of Central and South American beans. Tastes of berries, citrus, and sweet vanilla.

I brewed each on my Chemex using the same parameters so I could fairly evaluate them side-by-side.

Highlights from My Tasting Notes

Here are some highlights from my detailed tasting notes on each seasonal roast I sampled:

The La Minita Tarrazu was my favorite of the single origin coffees. I found it beautifully balanced, with notes of chocolate, honey, and apple. It was sweet and juicy upfront, with medium acidity and a smooth mouthfeel. The finish was clean with a subtle citrus zing.

The fruit-forward Blue Jaguar tasted of lemon, jasmine, and stone fruit. It had good clarity of flavor for a light roast and was complex, but very refreshing. The jasmine notes were unique and made it stand out.

Of the two blends, the darker Big Lifter unsurprisingly tasted more roasty and earthy, with strong cocoa and brown sugar flavors. It was bold, but smooth. In contrast, the medium Sunrise Blend was lively, with lots of berry, citrus, and vanilla notes. A very happy, friendly coffee.

Out of all the roasts, my absolute favorite was the La Minita Tarrazu. The beautiful balance of chocolate and honey with apple acidity was sublime. This Costa Rican coffee exemplified everything I love – sweetness, complexity, and a clean finish.

Ideas for Brewing the New Roasts

After taste testing these coffees, I’m looking forward to playing around with different ways to brew them. Here are some ideas I have for each roast:

  • The La Minita Tarrazu would be lovely brewed in a Chemex or V60. I’ll try tweaking the grind setting to tease out more sweetness.

  • For the Blue Jaguar, I’ll experiment with longer brew times and lower temperatures in the French press to accentuate the fruit notes.

  • The chocolaty Big Lifter has the richness to shine through milk, so I’ll enjoy it in lattes and mochas.

  • I think the Sunrise Blend‘s bright acidity would work well in cold brew. I’ll give that a try this summer.

No matter how I end up brewing them, I’m excited to keep enjoying these seasonal roasts all year long! Savoring their unique flavors will make cold days warmer and brighten up my morning routine.


Taste testing new coffee releases is one of my favorite parts of being a coffee lover. This year’s seasonal roasts offered an array of highlights, from the orchard fruit sweetness of the La Minita Tarrazu to the surprising jasmine notes in the Blue Jaguar. I’ll spend the rest of the season playing with brew methods to get the most out of each coffee’s unique profile. Sipping these roasts is a tasty way to add variety and excitement to my daily coffee ritual.

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