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Meet the Georgian Cafes Coffee Roaster

Meet the Georgian Cafes Coffee Roaster

From Humble Beginnings to Roasting Glory

It all started with a simple question, the kind that can sometimes shake the very foundations of our existence. “What do we want the future to look like?” Dmitry Sobolev, the mastermind behind Georgian Cafe, asked himself back in 2011. “Do we want regrets, or do we want to make a difference?”

Little did he know that this one moment of introspection would set him on a journey that would transform not just his own life, but the lives of countless coffee lovers in Brooklyn and beyond. Armed with a burning passion and a whole lot of determination, Dmitry embarked on a quest to create a coffee experience that would leave a lasting legacy.

Chasing the Georgian Dream

Growing up in Tula, a city famous for its ornate samovars, Dmitry developed a deep appreciation for the art of tea-making. His grandfather would jokingly quip, “Didn’t drink tea? Where did my strength come from? Drank tea, and I’m completely weak!” Despite the occasional shortages, Dmitry’s home was never without an excellent supply of Georgian tea, a tradition he continued to cherish throughout his life.

It wasn’t until his university days, however, that Dmitry’s curiosity about tea truly blossomed. Through a commodity science course, he delved deeper into the intricate world of tea, analyzing its organoleptic properties and its chemical composition. But it was his work trips to China that truly ignited his love for specialty tea, as he had the opportunity to learn about its production firsthand, visiting tea farms and immersing himself in the rich culture.

Inspired by the “third wave” ideology that was sweeping the coffee industry, Dmitry decided to put his newfound knowledge to the test. In 2014, he founded Oh My Tea in St. Petersburg, Russia, with the goal of creating a modern, accessible tea experience akin to the thriving coffee house culture.

From Tea to Coffee: A Serendipitous Transition

The success of Oh My Tea led to the company’s growth, and Dmitry soon found himself not just a tea enthusiast, but a small-scale tea wholesaler as well. But his heart was yearning for something more – a way to combine his love for tea with his growing fascination for the world of specialty coffee.

As Dmitry delved deeper into the specialty coffee scene, he couldn’t help but wonder why the tea industry hadn’t experienced the same level of success and recognition. “I am very close to the ideology of specialty coffee,” he mused, “and I dreamed that there would be an association like the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) for tea professionals.”

Fate had other plans, however. In 2022, Dmitry’s life took an unexpected turn when the political situation in his home country took a dark turn. Faced with the difficult decision to leave everything behind, Dmitry and his wife sought refuge in Cyprus, where they immediately joined the team at WAGMI COFFEE, a bold new venture that combined a cafe and a coffee roastery.

Brewing Up a Storm in Brooklyn

It was in this new chapter of his life that Dmitry’s dreams of blending his tea expertise with his passion for coffee finally came to fruition. As the coffee roaster for WAGMI COFFEE, he was given the reins to source and roast the specialty beans that would grace the menu. But Dmitry had a secret weapon up his sleeve – his deep understanding of tea.

“I try to work directly with tea producers,” Dmitry explains, “and I had to learn on the fly the nuances of European customs regulations and the requirements of the Health Department.” With the support of the European Specialty Tea Association (ESTA), Dmitry was able to swiftly establish a reliable tea supply chain, ensuring that the Georgian Cafe would offer a truly unique and exceptional tea experience.

It was during this time that Dmitry’s path crossed with the visionaries behind the Georgian Cafe in Brooklyn. Captivated by his passion and expertise, they knew they had found the perfect coffee roaster to bring their dream to life. “I am very grateful to ESTA members for their support,” Dmitry says. “With everyone’s support, I was able to set up a tea supply chain pretty quickly.”

Blending Tradition and Innovation

As Dmitry settled into his role as the coffee roaster for the Georgian Cafe, he brought with him a wealth of knowledge and a deep appreciation for the art of tea. But his vision for the cafe extended far beyond the boundaries of traditional coffee houses.

“Everything we do, we do every day with passion and determination to make a difference in those we serve and leave a legacy in our community as well as around the world,” Dmitry declares. This unwavering commitment to excellence is evident in every aspect of the Georgian Cafe’s operations.

Dmitry has meticulously curated a selection of specialty coffee blends that pay homage to the rich heritage of Georgian cuisine while incorporating the latest trends and innovations in the industry. From the aromatic Khinkali blend, inspired by the beloved Georgian dumplings, to the bold and smooth Mtsvadi blend, named after the famous Georgian grilled meat skewers, each cup is a testament to Dmitry’s dedication and creativity.

But Dmitry’s influence doesn’t stop there. He has also brought his passion for tea to the forefront, ensuring that the Georgian Cafe offers a diverse and exceptional tea menu. “I am starting a new life, and my journey is still just beginning,” he says, “but I am happy with the fact that my family and favorite tea are always with me.”

Brewing a Legacy

As Dmitry reflects on his journey, from his humble beginnings in Tula to his current role as the coffee roaster for the Georgian Cafe, he can’t help but feel a sense of pride and purpose. “The story is long, and there is so much to tell,” he muses. “Stop by sometime, and we’ll tell it all – it just might take more than one visit.”

Indeed, the story of Dmitry Sobolev and the Georgian Cafe is one that is far from over. With each sip of their meticulously crafted coffee and tea, customers are invited to embark on a journey that celebrates the rich traditions of Georgia while embracing the boundless possibilities of the future.

So, if you find yourself in Brooklyn and in need of a truly exceptional coffee or tea experience, be sure to visit the Georgian Cafe. There, you’ll find Dmitry and his team, brewing up a storm and leaving a lasting legacy, one cup at a time.

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