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Behind the Beans: Meet Our Roasters

Behind the Beans: Meet Our Roasters

The Roasting Maestros of Brooklyn’s Georgian Coffee House

Pull up a seat, my fellow caffeine connoisseurs, because I’m about to take you on a journey behind the curtain of our Brooklyn’s Georgian Coffee House roasters. These folks are the unsung heroes of your daily cup of joe, and trust me, their stories are as rich and complex as the beans they lovingly transform.

Nolan: The Silent Partner with a Loud Personality

Let’s start with Nolan, the enigmatic roaster who’s been keeping the gears turning at our Visible Coffee Roasters outpost. When I first stumbled into our cafe and saw his beans on the shelf, I’ll admit, I was intrigued. Who is this Visible Coffee Roasters, and what makes their coffee so darn good?

Well, let me tell you, Nolan is a veritable coffee wizard, with six years under his belt and a brain that’s practically buzzing with caffeine-fueled knowledge. When the chance to roast came knocking, he pounced on it like a cat on a freshly brewed espresso. “I read all the books, took online classes – basically, I caffeinated my brain to roast with joy ever since,” he told me, that trademark twinkle in his eye.

Now, Nolan may be the silent partner in this operation, but his personality is anything but quiet. He’s the kind of guy who’ll have you in stitches one minute, then captivating you with his passion for coffee the next. And let me tell you, his dedication to the craft is unparalleled. “We roast two or three times per week, and it begins with preparing for the week by knowing exactly what we need to roast through planning ahead on Monday,” he explains.

But Nolan’s not just a roasting virtuoso – he’s also a bit of a coffee maverick. “We stick with some mainstays, but we also throw in seasonal beans to keep things interesting. You know, keep the coffee party lively,” he says with a wink. And let me tell you, his Winter Blend and Bourbon Barrel Aged beans are the stuff of legends around here.

Ryan: The Roasting Rockstar with a Heart of Gold

Next up, we have Ryan, the roasting rockstar with a heart of gold. I had the pleasure of sitting down with him at our Enderly Coffee House to learn more about his journey from Michigan to the heart of Charlotte’s coffee scene.

As Ryan tells it, his love affair with coffee started out as a simple appreciation for a great cup and a good conversation. “As a person who didn’t really get into the intricacies of coffee until a few years ago, I was always drawn to sitting down and having a great conversation across a table, and the vehicle is typically a cup of coffee,” he recounts.

But it wasn’t long before Ryan’s casual coffee outings turned into a full-blown obsession. “Coffee tastings and an intro to roasting led to science lessons about temperatures, time frames, and pyrolytic reactions – nerd speak, and I was hooked,” he chuckles.

Now, Ryan is the Roast Master General at Enderly, and let me tell you, his passion for the craft is palpable. “Roasting in itself is a sanctuary for me,” he confesses. “I use that alone time in the shop to develop a great product, but it also allows some much-needed alone time to process my life. I can listen to podcasts, the music I love, and sometimes even have an impromptu solo dance party.”

But Ryan’s not just a roasting virtuoso – he’s also a pillar of the community. “Enderly isn’t just about throwing money at problems; it’s about cultivating relationships over a great cup of coffee and seeing transformation. That’s community,” he says with a warm smile.

Kelleigh and Brandon: The Fearless Farmers Turned Coffee Crusaders

And finally, we have Kelleigh and Brandon, the dynamic duo behind our Big Island Coffee Roasters line. These two fearless farmers-turned-coffee-crusaders are the reason we’re able to offer our customers some of the rarest and most sought-after beans on the planet.

When Kelleigh and Brandon first laid eyes on those plum-sized coffee cherries in the high hills of the Kau district, they knew they had something special on their hands. “From the moment we first laid eyes on these plants, we knew this coffee would be irresistible,” Kelleigh recalls, her eyes sparkling with excitement.

But what sets their Natural Kau Maragogipe apart from the rest? Well, for starters, it’s a blend of some of the rarest and most prized coffee varieties, including the legendary Maragogipe, Pacamara, and Maracaturra. “Coffees such as this are an absolute joy to harvest. This crop, in particular, was selectively harvested, hand-crafted, and processed by our founders Kelleigh and Brandon,” the website proudly boasts.

And then there’s the unique processing method – a natural process that involves drying the coffee cherries intact, resulting in a truly one-of-a-kind flavor profile. “This form of natural processing gives the coffee a unique and distinctive fruit flavor,” the website explains.

But Kelleigh and Brandon aren’t just roasting masters – they’re also champions of sustainability and community. “We’re powered by renewable energy, support wildlife rescue, and work with farmers throughout the state to ship the widest array of genuine Hawaiian coffees worldwide,” the website proudly proclaims.

A Passionate Pursuit, One Cup at a Time

As I sip my freshly brewed cup of Visible Coffee Roasters’ Winter Blend, I can’t help but marvel at the dedication and expertise that goes into every single bean that graces our shelves. These roasters are the unsung heroes of the coffee world, transforming simple green beans into the aromatic, flavorful delights that we all know and love.

And you know what? I wouldn’t have it any other way. Because at the end of the day, it’s not just about the coffee – it’s about the people behind it, the stories they have to tell, and the communities they’ve built along the way. So, the next time you take a sip of your favorite Brooklyn’s Georgian Coffee House brew, remember the passionate pursuit of the roasters who made it all possible, one cup at a time.

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