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Almond Breeze Iced Latte: Cooling Down with Nut Milk

Almond Breeze Iced Latte: Cooling Down with Nut Milk


The almond milk iced latte has become an increasingly popular summer drink for those looking for a refreshing, dairy-free alternative to traditional iced coffee beverages. Almond Breeze, made by Blue Diamond Growers, produces a widely available and affordable almond milk that makes a delicious iced latte. I decided to try making iced lattes with Almond Breeze to see if it could satisfy my craving for an ice-cold, caffeinated drink on hot summer days.

Making Iced Lattes with Almond Milk

To make an iced latte with almond milk, I first brew some cold brew coffee concentrate or double strength hot coffee that I then chill in the refrigerator. When ready to make the iced latte, I combine the chilled coffee with Almond Breeze almond milk and ice in a tall glass. I generally use a 1:1 ratio of coffee to almond milk. I find the Original or Unsweetened versions of Almond Breeze work best as the vanilla or chocolate flavors can overwhelm the coffee. I then add a splash of syrup like vanilla, caramel or hazelnut to sweeten and flavor the latte. After stirring everything together, I top with some frothed almond milk. I can also customize my latte by adding extras like cocoa powder or cinnamon.

Benefits of Using Almond Milk

There are several benefits to using Almond Breeze instead of dairy milk when making iced lattes:

  • Almond milk is dairy-free, making it a good option for those who are lactose intolerant or following a vegan diet.
  • It has a creamy, nutty flavor that complements the coffee well without overpowering it.
  • Almond milk contains more vitamin E than dairy milk and has an antioxidant effect.
  • Unsweetened almond milk has significantly fewer calories and less sugar than dairy milk.
  • Almond milk froths up well for topping off the iced latte with foamy milk.
  • It allows creating a refreshing, cold beverage without dairy products.

Tips for Delicious Iced Almond Milk Lattes

Here are some tips to brew up the perfect iced almond milk latte at home:

  • Make strong concentrated coffee for a bold base flavor that won’t get diluted by the milk and ice.
  • Use freshly brewed coffee instead of letting it sit so it doesn’t develop a bitter taste.
  • Make sure the coffee is completely chilled before combining it with the milk and ice.
  • Shake the Almond Breeze carton before pouring to evenly distribute the almond milk solids.
  • Use a 1:1 ratio of coffee to almond milk for a nicely balanced drink. Adjust to taste preferences.
  • Froth the almond milk with a milk frother or blender for a light, foamy topping.
  • Customize with syrups, cocoa, cinnamon or other spices to create your own signature latte.
  • Garnish with almond slices or cacao nibs for an extra touch.

Satisfying My Cravings with Almond Milk Lattes

I’ve found that making iced lattes with Almond Breeze is an easy and delicious way to satisfy my craving for cold caffeinated drinks in the summer heat. The almond milk provides a creamy, nutty base that complements the coffee without overpowering it. I love that I can customize the flavors with different syrups and spices too. Sipping on these chilled almond milk lattes cools me down while still giving me that coffee kick I need. I always keep a carton of Almond Breeze on hand during the summer months to whip up one of these tasty iced lattes on a hot day.

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